This is a site about books, first and foremost, that I’m reading for various reasons, mostly to learn more about writing. I’ve spent most of my adult life working at it; reading, writing, and working at writing. It pays the bills for now. 

The writing I do is all industrial, like driving a dark tint SUV for VIPs or with a bright pink moustache on weekends, when I’d rather be designing and testing experimental racecars.

So the six year old me who wrote a hook as a start to a book and got stuck there is ready to try again. But now I know it’s a business. So I’m tackling it from that approach too. Like teachers, actors, non-profit runners, and other earnest and/or creative artistic types that do the hard work of all of the media you consume, we are paid as little as the market will bear. 

So I’ll chart that, too. While angsty teenage me wanted to be a Famous Bestselling Author, adult me would be alright with midlist. 

But midlist isn’t much of a living anymore. So I won’t quit my day job of writing until I’m working (if I’m working) feasibly enough as a writer.

CAUTION: There’s a sales pitch to buy my works at the end of this blog. And the middle, and sprinkled here and there. If you’re going to unsub based on that, might as well now.