The Publishing Rodeo Podcast

By | July 22, 2023

Gail Carriger suggested this podcast a few weeks ago – I’ve just finished binging up to the latest episode. Today, that’s episode 23, and if you’re not sure if writing is an art that is squeezed down to a business, episode 23 will clear that right up.

Do you still want to be a writer after listening to episode 23? 

I do, but I’ve been on this path a while, treating it as something I want to learn without going to college, just working in an adjacent industry. 

As the team are fond of asking: What is your goal?

Best seller? Write a book from your heart? Start a new trend? Tell the stories of life mainstream media won’t touch? Capture your memoirs?

Mine is to write books I enjoy, well, and get comfortable as a mid-list writer. As referenced in earlier episodes, this would be easier if I had a spouse with a day job or some other patron, but hey, I’ve got my own day job. I’ll write on the edges of life, as I’ve seen quoted here and there (I can’t remember who to attribute it to).

In 2008, Dr. Kerry Spencer Pray watched her book die on submission after the financial crash halted publishing acquisitions. She then decided to do a PhD, focusing her research on what makes books sell.